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Your data management solution!

A user-friendly, configurable system to manage your business data and to help you keep on top of GDPR compliance.

Data Management

Most organisations have huge volumes of data to manage but don’t have a robust system in place to cope with it. This can generate a lot of unnecessary work, or dead time, which means less time is spent focusing on daily business tasks. However, with the right system in place, data management can be simple and undemanding.

What is deepeo?

A robust data management solution!

deepeo is a robust data management solution that performs housekeeping tasks across hundreds of databases to manage data deletion according to your company’s data retention policies. It’s an excellent tool to help your company maintain compliance of data within the relevant GDPR laws for your country and any country for which a data subject resides or operates.

Compatible with most database technologies, deepeo can be seamlessly integrated with your current software without the need for a costly bespoke system.

Why deepeo?

Managing your data needn’t be complicated!

Here’s how deepeo will work for you:

Data deletion : Create business rules to delete data for subjects who no longer have a relationship with your business. This can either be based on your own records management policies or to comply with GDPR.

Real-time reporting: When developing deepeo, we knew real-time reporting had to be a key feature. With multiple databases to keep track of, companies need to be able to view data and risk exposure in one place and at any time. deepeo’s portal provides you with a consolidated view of your data, enabling you to visualise your usage in real time.


Data anonymisation: deepeo is more than GDPR. It takes your data management one step further by being the only system on the market that can cleanse and anonymise data, allowing you to analyse data while keeping client identities anonymous.


Integration: deepeo is database agnostic, which means it can be seamlessly integrated with your current database management system. We provide integration assistance to ensure deepeo is set up correctly, allowing you to fully utilise everything it has to offer. Our integration team will always be on hand should you need any advice or assistance.


Data deletion

Data Deletion

Deletes all data for any data subject you no longer have a business or legal reason to hold.

Data deletion

Read-Only Mode

Simulate deletion or anonymisations to allow your technical staff to perform an operational assessment before any changes are made.

Data deletion

Data Anonymiser

Perform the same operations as the data deletion, but anonymise a data subject’s data as opposed to deleting it.

Data deletion


When an individual is deleted from a master database, updates can be propagated to downstream systems, e.g., Sales Force, SAP etc…

Data deletion

Data Subject Exclusion List

Maintain an exclusion list of data subjects who should not be deleted or anonymised due to ongoing law enforcement or fraud investigations.

Data deletion

Recycle Bin

Reverse all or some of the deletion or anonymisation of your data during the online day.

Do you struggle to get accurate real-time reports?

Welcome to the portal!


Keeping track of your data couldn’t be easier!

  • Get a holistic view of data stored in your organisation
  • Visualise key metrics
  • Remotely administer Agents
  • Define and configure business rules
  • Create customisable workflows and alerts

Having multiple databases across your business can be hard keep track of. deepeo’s dynamic portal allows you to see what is happening and to visualise your data usage in real time. Easy to use, the portal allows you to configure deepeo’s business rules to delete and anonymise your data.


Licensing and service engagement models adapted to your needs




Agent integration free

Price per add-on

(e.g. DSAR support, Data Discovery..)


Yearly license per database



Configure your agents

Quality assurance


Proof of concept



What is GDPR and who is responsible for it?


GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It is an EU and UK law governing the way companies store and manage personal data. Compliance with these regulations is YOUR responsibility. Failure to comply can result in fines of £17M/€20M or 4% of global annual turnover—whichever is highest.

What people are saying!


When it comes to GDPR, it goes without saying that companies need to employ and adopt the best systems and procedures to manage their customer data. deepeo makes it easy to control your data without the need to be technically minded. I was impressed by the user-friendly dashboard and how easy it is to create your own business rules. I have worked in compliance for over 20 years and would definitely look to include deepeo in my toolkit.

James Smuts
Data Protection Officer

I am delighted to see a company that we, as a Council, helped become established here in North Tyneside in 2015, grow and develop new products that are making an impact and helping other businesses all over the world. It’s always great to see a locally-based business going from strength to strength and I wish Infotel UK all the best for the future.

Norma Redfearn, CBE
Elected Mayor of North Tyneside

Deepeo has been invaluable to us as a business. Infotel UK is a great example of a small team of talented and creative experts coming together to create a fantastic product that has satisfied the difficult requirements of GDPR compliance.

Chris Rose
Programme Manager
Virgin Money
What & Why

The Infotel solution does not provide the legal part of GDPR, including:

– GDPR overall

– Certified DPO (Data Protection Officer) expertise

– Accompaniment of the client in achieving the certification

– An external DPO service

– The provision of the data storage register

– Legal documents such as privacy policy, clauses inserted in contracts, commercial documents, terms and conditions, etc

– Depositary control in compliance with GDPR policy